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Equipment of the 4×4 Sprinter

Price of the vehicle + conversion: From 108.230 € + I.V.A.* Download the document with the equipment(*) Other options and extras on vehicle and conversion on request. Paperwork and legalization not included. Indicative and non-binding prices.


The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van has a great reputation among overland travellers thanks to its reliability, mechanical resistance, off-road capabilities, and the availability of spare parts almost anywhere in the world.

The Sprinter van with a 3,665 mm wheelbase is the model that offers the best balance between habitability and off-road capabilities. The load space allows us to fit it out so that travellers have a comfortable place to shelter, work or rest during a long trip.

The Mercedes Sprinter van is equipped with a 190 CV OM 654 engine made entirely of aluminium, a timing chain, and weighing 40 kg less than the equivalent V6 engine used in earlier models. The torque increases by 10 N⋅m. It is a more efficient engine with lower consumption, lower emissions and less vibrations.

The 4×4 Torque-On-Demand drive system is always engaged, with variable torque control between the front and rear axle ranging from 0% to 100% depending on your needs. (In the previous system the distribution was set to 65% on the rear axle and 35% on the front axle).

The torque distribution between both axles is guaranteed thanks to a hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch in the transfer case. When driving on conventional roads, the multi-plate clutch is released and therefore the vehicle runs nearly exclusively in rear-wheel drive, lowering consumption. In situations where better grip is required due to the road conditions or when driving off road, the multi-plate clutch closes and the front axle engages and supports the rear axle, improving off-road capabilities.

Depending on the driving situation, the torque is variably distributed between the front and rear axles. As soon as the driving situation requires it, the appropriate engine torque is distributed to the front axle. When this torque is no longer necessary in the front axle, for example, in harsh braking or with ABS intervention, the front axle torque distribution is disconnected and reduced to zero. In the event of imminent understeering or oversteering of a laden vehicle, the engine torque is distributed between the rear end and front axle to stabilise the vehicle again. It is only when these measures fail in stabilising the vehicle that the ESP or 4ETS control systems adapted to the new all-wheel drive intervene. With the new 4×4 all-wheel drive and the adapted control systems, the driving characteristics improve the vehicle´s dynamics in comparison to the previous model.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is equipped with 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, with the first gear being 22% lower than in the earlier 7G-TRONIC transmission. Therefore, there is no need for a reduction gearbox.

Our design for the Standard Sprinter 4×4 (3,665 mm wheelbase) is suitable for 2 to 4 people for sleeping and travelling. We only modify the second seat-bed row, which can be for either 1 or 2 people. The rest of the interior distribution is the same for both models. We also offer other wheelbases and load spaces with personalised designs.

Our experience in manufacturing cells for pick-up trucks and off-road routes travelled in different countries by our vehicles tells us what does and does not work, and we have put all this experience into this extraordinary 4×4 van.

Our interiors are comfortable and practical, prioritising factors such as space, resistance, ergonomics and insulation. In a vehicle transformed by Uro-Camper, you’ll feel at home, or perhaps even better, because great landscapes and adventures are waiting for you out there on board of a vehicle that can go a long, long way.

The water, heating and electrical installations are accessible and feature accessories from well-known manufacturers such as Victron, Vetus, Autoterm, Webasto, Vitrifrigo, etc. The systems that we install are not complex. Therefore, it is easy for the user to repair a fault or replace a part with our company always on hand to offer advice. At Uro-Camper, we’ll make sure that the piece or accessory reaches you as soon as possible if anything breaks down during a long trip, so that you can continue your journey.

We can also improve the off-road capabilities of the Sprinter 4×4 van by installing air suspension, improved shock absorbers, underbody guards, a snorkel, all Terrain tyres, a spare wheel carrier, an expedition roof-rack, etc.
Finally, a high-quality finish and accessories will have a direct impact on the comfort of your trip. This is something we’ve seen over the years on our own trips and in feedback from our customers. The experience of our customers helps us grow, which is why each customer forms part of our company; your adventure is our adventure

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Water, heater and electricity installations are accessible. Composed by high quality products as Whisper Power, Vetus, Elgena, Autoterm, Webasto, Dometic, etc. The systems we install are not really complex, so our clients could repair any break down if happens anywhere or change any element if it is necessary, always with the advice of the professionals of our company.

If there is a failure in your vehicle during a trip we Will send you the accessory or the spare part as soon as possible to continue the trip.

We can also update the offroad characteristic of the 4×4 Sprinter installing suspensions, underbody protections, snorkel, All Terrain wheels, wheel Carrier, etc.

The great quality of the finish and the great quality of the accessories is going to affect directly to the confort during the trip. We have been checking many years based in our experience and the experience of our clients. Our clients help us to improve, they are part of our company, their adventures are also ours.

Internal gallery of the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

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