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Camperización de vehículos 4x4

At Uro-Camper we are not limited to cabins production. We also transform 4×4 vehicles into 4×4 overlander trip partners.

In our conversion process we use the same techniques we do in the interior of our cabins. The furniture is specific designed with tough and flexible materials for them to resist vibrations and torsions of extreme 4×4 use.

Every device installed has nautical quality and it has been produced only by prestigious brands such as Waeco, Vetus, Dometic, Votronic etc.

The experience we have acquired off-roading over several countries let us know what works and what does not. We put all this experience in every of our transformations.

We design practical and comfortable interiors, with amplitude as the primary goal. Inside a 4×4 Uro-Camper vehicle you will feel as at home, but maybe with better and for sure more changing landscapes.

When we get a 4×4 we first improve its off road qualities. We install upgraded suspensions, we install underbody protections, snorkel, modified bumpers, winch etc. Then we prepare it for its camper porpoise by insulating it and changing the windows for specific ones.

The client takes part in the process since the beginning. It is going to be his/her new home, and must fulfill all his/her wishes.

Exterior views

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As in our cabins, the interior of an Uro-Camper 4wd vehicle must be resistant, light, practical and with a nice and wide design. This vehicle will face the worst scenarios, torsions, vibrations for hundreds of miles, extreme climatology and will never let you down. To be so confident in our products we manufacture our furniture with laminated HPL board. They are light, strong and waterproof. The hinges are reinforced with carbon fiber and every block is of the best quality to avoid any accidental opening. For the furniture assembling we use industrial and hidden aluminum profiling. This mounting system avoids annoying noises when driving, also signal of break-prone furniture. Our furniture is almost seal to the vehicle but with some room for torsions.

Regarding the electrical and water systems, we only work also with the best brands. When you are in the middle of nowhere you must reduce to the limit the risk of break downs. Vetus, Waeco, Fiamma, Webasto, Dometic, Kyocera, Votronic are some of our providers to offer just the best.

A high standard product really makes a difference in off road trips. We realize of it for years, and now it is the only thing we want to provide to our customers. We offer just the best , it is now your turn to get the best of it.

Interior views

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