Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Toyota Hilux, the best companion for Overland journeys. Xplora and Mammut.

We offer 2 models of cabin for a Hilux simple cabin. Xplora and Mammut. We manufacture with high quality materials, accessories of renowned brands and the same process of manufacture.

We manufacture with high quality materials, accessories of renowned brands and the same process of manufacture. It does not matter the model of cabin you choose, you will be in a comfortable and practical place, totally prepared to all climate conditions.

We have developed our designs and materials looking for the perfect vehicle for the off road, keeping in mind the needs of the road, the climate conditions, and the basic necessities during the trip. Also, we take very seriously the opinions of clients and experimented travelers.

Our main priority during the design and manufacture is to have the best isolation system and structural resistance, not forgetting the weight.

Our cabins are made with isolated sandwich panel (34 mms. thickness), the external layers of polyester and isolated nucleus of XPS. A duralumin exoskeleton connects and reinforce each ridge of the cabin giving a high resistance and water tightness.

We manufacture the door (with lock in three different points), door of the hold, and external cabinets to have a better integration in design. The external windows are Dometic Seitz, and the hatches are from Vetus.

To make the furniture we use waterproof layered plywoods. Torsions and vibrations are keeping in mind in the process of assembly and the locks are from the industrial sector. You do not find more resistant plywoods, if the trip is hard, they have to be too.

We have thought in every detail: you will find many pieces of furniture in the inside and outside to have enough space to storage and to have everything organized. The electronic and water systems are really accessible and easy to repair if they fail during a trip. Diesel heater, diesel or gas cooker and led lights make you feel at home anywhere. Inside an Uro-Camper cabin your comfort is our priority and also give you outside of it, all the necessary to advance daily in your route.

Choose the Toyota Hilux model you need, and you'll have access to different versions, features, pricing, and options.

Available models

Xplora y Mammut. 2 models to choose from so you can easily find the model that best suits your preferences and type of trip. Basically, these are the main characteristics of each model:


The Xplora is higher. It has cabover where you can find the extensible bed. The living room is also convertible in bed. The pop-up roof offers great habitability even in the pop-up roof area. You can sleep also with the roof down to have a big isolation in cold climates.


The Mammut is the biggest one and more comfortable. Its high ceiling is fixed. It has no pop-up roof so it has better isolation system. The extensible bed is in the cabover. The seat zone is convertible in bed. Is perfect for long trips in which you will need more space

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