In Uro-Camper we offer you the conversion of 4×4 Sprinter Rhino

Equipment of Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Rhino

Price of the vehicle + conversion for 4 people: 160.900 €  + I.V.A. (21%)* *Download the pdf with the standard equipment(*) (*)190 HP. Other options and extras on vehicle and conversion on request. Paperwork and legalization not included. Indicative and non-binding prices.

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In Uro-Camper we have designed and converted this 4×4 motorhome with an objective, to find a perfect balance between size, off-road capacities, internal ergonomics and exceptional equipment.

The chosen vehicle has been the 4×4 Sprinter in its chassis-cab version. This vehicle has a great prestige among the overlanders because of its reliability, strength and availability of spare parts and experienced warehouses around the world. Available in 3.5, 4.1 and 5 MT of G.V.W.

The 4×4 Torque-On-Demand drive system is always engaged, with variable torque control between the front and rear axle ranging from 0% to 100% depending on your needs. (In the previous system the distribution was set to 65% on the rear axle and 35% on the front axle). The torque distribution between both axles is guaranteed thanks to a hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch in the transfer case.

When driving on conventional roads, the multi-plate clutch is released and therefore the vehicle runs nearly exclusively in rear-wheel drive, lowering consumption. In situations where better grip is required due to the road conditions or when driving off road, the multi-plate clutch closes and the front axle engages and supports the rear axle, improving off-road capabilities.

Depending on the driving situation, the torque is variably distributed between the front and rear axles. As soon as the driving situation requires it, the appropriate engine torque is distributed to the front axle. When this torque is no longer necessary in the front axle, for example, in harsh braking or with ABS intervention, the front axle torque distribution is disconnected and reduced to zero. In the event of imminent understeering or oversteering of a laden vehicle, the engine torque is distributed between the rear end and front axle to stabilise the vehicle again. It is only when these measures fail in stabilising the vehicle that the ESP or 4ETS control systems adapted to the new all-wheel drive intervene. With the new 4×4 all-wheel drive and the adapted control systems, the driving characteristics improve the vehicle´s dynamics in comparison to the previous model.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is equipped with 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, with the first gear being 22% lower than in the earlier 7G-TRONIC transmission. Therefore, there is no need for a reduction gearbox.From 2 to 4 seats to travel & sleep, perfect for families.

Our Mercedes Sprinter Rhino is a vehicle for long trips with high capacity tanks (fresh, grey and black) and a big energy capacity with a Victron electric system and Lithium batteries. We are not going to bore you with long lists of accessories, the Rhino has all you need to begin to travel. We are open to discuss the equipment with you, we can offer diesel or gas cooker, batteries with higher capacity, marine or waterless WC (dry composting toilet).

Our Victron electric system can be check from our installation and problems, settings and updating can be solve online. We know where the vehicle is thanks to the geolocation.

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Outside of Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Rhino

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Although it is a compact vehicle, it is wide inside. We have studied every single detail to be practical and with no unnecessary accessories. The HPL and bamboo furniture is manufactured keeping in mind vibrations and torsions, you won’t listen creaks and squeals during the circulation of the vehicle. Locks are heavy duty so it is impossible accidental openings.

Our vehicles are cool in summer and warm in winter. Its thermal insulation (60 mms. in floors, 50 mms. in walls, diesel heater and temperature controller) gives you a great comfort in every season.

We improve the off-road aptitude of the vehicle with the installation of the pneumatic suspension, underbody protections, snorkel, All Terrain wheels, wheel carrier, etc.

You will have a great comfort during your trip due to the great level of finish and the quality of the accessories. We have tested during years in our trips and the trips of our clients. We maintain the communication with our clients during the project and after it. Your adventure is also ours!

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Inside of Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Rhino

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