Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux, the ultimate companion for Overland journeys.

Quality, durability and reliability

Building on its legendary strength and reliability, the Hilux frame and body structure have been redesigned to ensure toughness, while a stronger, wider under-body now offers greater protection. In fact, all the components of the Hilux are made to withstand the most rigorous tests. To help you get through challenging environments, you can always rely on Active Traction Control (A-TRC) and the rear differential lock to ensure optimal traction. All these refinements add to Hilux’s unique sense of effortless driving, on- or off-road.

It’s also equipped with Trailer Sway Control (TSC) to ensure the vehicle stays steady when faced with crosswinds or changing road surfaces. This system is ideal when the Hilux is equipped with our housing cells.

The new Hilux challenges the perception of power with its brand-new diesel engine. The new Hilux challenges the perception of power with its brand-new diesel engine. The 2.4 diesel performs superbly thanks to new torque technology which dramatically increases torque in low to medium speed ranges. It also contributes to Hilux’s excellent towing capacity and load.

This pick-up is all about quality surroundings and attractive, durable materials paired with the latest technology to maximise your comfort. A first-in-class electronic control to reduce body pitch and bounce ensures the ride feels as smooth as in a premium SUV.

Undoubtedly the Toyota Hilux is the ideal vehicle to make an offroad 4×4 capable to take you anywhere, no matter how hard the road is; adding another advantage, you can find easily any spare part in all the continents.

We have condensed all our experience to design three different cabins to be installed in a Toyota Hilux. The election of the chassis (double cabin, extra or simple) and the cabin (Mammut, Xplora or Biwac) depends on the number of passengers and the level of comfort and habitability.

Uro-Camper Hilux + Cabin meets all the needs for a long-distance traveler. Reliability, power, measurements, shipped in a container or ro-ro and a great quality in all its components.

Tough outside, comfortable inside

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Measures of sea containers

If you are interested in shipping your vehicle with the kabin house over the sea to another continent you must take into account the measures of the cargo containers in shipping companies. In the following PDF you can see the different options:

It is important to measure the width and height of the vehicle in addition to the length as the measure matters most important to us is the inlet to the container with the doors open.

One trick to reduce the height is to place small diameter wheels manufactured by wood or metal discs. This will lower the vehicle height considerably. Do not forget to secure the load!

Xplora Cabin on route

Do you want to follow an Xplora Cabin on route?

The blogger María Pérez shows us the places visited with her Xplora cabin equipped vehicle.

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